Research teams in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch associated with the Universities of Otago and Auckland are looking to improve the wellbeing of you and your whānau with a healthy eating plan. We'll provide food for you and your household for 3 months and check up on you over the course of a year.

To be part of this study, you must be willing to:

  • Change your dietary habits and follow a healthy eating plan. To assist with this, we will provide the majority of your food for 3 months
  • Visit a laboratory in Auckland, Wellington, Lower Hutt or Christchurch on 5-6 occasions lasting 1 to 4 hours over 1 year
  • Provide blood samples and have a body (DXA) scan at these visits
  • Be willing to be contacted by researchers for 1 year

In addition, to take part in this study must meet the following eligibility criteria

  • Aged 18-70 years
  • Have high cholesterol, blood pressure and/or be overweight
  • Do NOT have certain long-term medical conditions

To determine if you are likely to meet the full eligibility criteria to participate in this study please complete the following questions and register your contact details:

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